Robinson has been a long-time partner of the U.S. EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership. The Chamber of Shipping of America awarded 117 Crowley owned or operated vessels with Environmental Achievement Awards for safe operations. C.H. About Inbound Logistics | Contact Us | Advertising Opportunities | Editorial Submissions | Order Reprints | Glossary | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Get the App! All facility lighting utilizes LED lamps and bulbs for electrical efficiency. Veritiv supports efforts to preserve, replenish, and enhance the environment for future generations. The rail delivers efficiency gains by investing in employee training, technological advancements, programmatic efforts, and locomotive upgrades. Crowley designed and implemented the EPA's Tier IV engines and exhaust after-treatment systems in new and existing ship-assist tugs and tank vessel tugs to lower emissions, as well as ballast water closed-loop systems that restrict discharges. All buildings use intelligent thermostats, incorporating off-hour energy conservation. The carrier restricts power-unit idling to reduce emissions and save fuel, and uses biodiesel fuel. Because iGPS pallets are 35% lighter than nonplastic alternatives, much less fuel is used during transport. In this way, the cranes produce enough energy to power themselves for 18 minutes of each operating hour. enVista implemented tools to maintain inventory and ship from stores, eliminating costly distribution center operations. The company employs electric forklifts and energy-efficient lighting in all its warehouses. SmartWay certified, Pilot partners with carriers in the program and is committed to growing these partnerships by 10% annually. The port's energy rebate program encourages energy-saving initiatives in the facility, and its clean water program helps reduce pollutants in runoff. By the end of 2020, nine of Matson's 13 active vessels are expected to have exhaust gas cleaning systems, or scrubbers, that virtually eliminate particulate matter and sulfur from engine exhaust. South Carolina Ports Authority reduced port-related air emissions and funded two air-monitoring stations. In our experience, companies that invest in supply chain resilience reduce product development cycles by 40% to 60%. Environmental sustainability drives Saia's business decisions, from decreasing overall carbon dioxide emissions to saving energy and cutting fuel costs. The port collaborates with Japan's Nagoya port on sustainability, including the development of zero-emission vehicles and equipment. Other green initiatives include leveraging trailer skirts, air dams and deflectors on tractors, and line-haul trailers to minimize air resistance at highway speed to achieve enhanced fuel economy and reduced emissions. DSV reports to the UN Global Compact and CDP annually on its sustainability activities. The annual Supply Chain Top 25 report identifies global supply chain leaders and highlights best practices for heads of supply chain and strategy organizations. Transportation Insight's integrated enterprise logistics solutions leverage multimodal insight, expertise, and technology-driven data analysis to help clients improve supply chain performance and sustainability. The company has been recognized with multiple awards, including the SmartWay Excellence award. 48forty works with metal recyclers to repurpose the nails. Maersk's sustainability strategy focuses on four shared value programs: climate change/decarbonizing logistics, inclusive trade, reducing food loss, and responsible ship recycling. Climate change advocacy groups and consumers’ growing efforts … Echo is certified in the ISO standard 14001: 2015. DHL Supply Chain's corporate social responsibility extends to its goal of zero-emission logistics by 2050. Between 2006 and 2017, the port decreased emissions despite a 32% increase in cargo volume during the same time frame. I probably don’t need to tell you that Amazon is a … The sustainable supply chain has become a vital – and ever more visible – element of social corporate responsibility. Dr. Madhav Durbha is the Group Vice President of Industry Strategy at LLamasoft, where his team helps customers and prospects solve various supply chain … ORBIS also offers reusable packaging management services, ensuring packaging is cleaned, handled, transported, tracked, and returned properly, extending packaging life and preventing loss. Since 2017, air inflation systems have been placed on all trailers and gears to ensure proper pressure for optimal fuel efficiency. Crown also makes continuous efforts to recycle and reuse materials, preserve natural resources, and reduce waste and energy consumption in its facilities. The carrier company continuously invests in fuel-efficiency measures as well as energy-efficient conveyor and building technology, demonstrating sustainability through innovation (e.g., lighter loading equipment, loading support material made from alternative raw resources or upcycling products) and through green initiatives. All vessels meet or exceed the reduced fuel tolerances of the IMO 2020 regulations. Business performance in the form of public financial and CSR data provides a view into how companies have performed in the past, while the opinion component offers an eye to future potential and reflects leadership in the supply chain community. North Carolina Ports is recognized for environmental stewardship, self-sustaining operations, a highly efficient workforce, and modern, well-maintained facilities and equipment. The company piloted a solar panel system at one terminal that puts energy back into the grid, and plans to pilot compressed natural gas and electric tractors by 2021. Ann Arbor, Mich. (May 30, 2018) – LLamasoft, the global leader in supply chain design solutions, has supported supply chain optimization initiatives for 96 percent of the global companies recognized as part of The Gartner Supply Chain Top … The port also partners with state and federal agencies to help bring sustainable practices to the region. The ports also developed an inland port network consisting of two facilities in South Carolina—Inland Port Greer and Inland Port Dillon—that increase freight tonnage moved by rail per gallon of fuel. The California Air Resources Board awarded $41 million to the Port of Los Angeles for the Zero-Emission and Near Zero-Emission Freight Facilities project, which is part of a statewide initiative to put billions of cap-and-trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the environment. UPS plans to purchase more than 6,000 natural gas trucks through 2022, and invested in the U.K.-based technology startup firm Arrival, committing to buy 10,000 of their electric vehicles. The 3PL also recycles all old, broken, or technologically outdated electronic equipment, and repurposes it or disposes it safely. It obtains the basic materials for its products from industrial production scraps, packaging waste from private households, and worn-out plastic products. In reality, you can promote both with certain simple and easy changes. ... Have Sustainable Brands delivered right to your inbox. Additionally, in 2019, the company began carbon-neutral operations in its warehouses, investing in VCS Standard carbon offsets to compensate for the negative impact of those emissions. Echo's emissions scores rank above average and have continued to improve over time. 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Northwest Seaport Alliance has achieved progress toward the Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy, greenhouse gas and diesel particulate matter reduction goals, and implementing its Clean Truck Program. Toyota is the first manufacturer to have UL-listed, EPA, and CARB-certified compressed natural gas-powered forklifts. ORBIS has begun repurposing material found near major waterways into its products. Founded 1997. Through its TransNeutral Green Program, TransGroup takes steps to mitigate the impacts of transportation and logistics activities by offering greenhouse gas-limiting warehousing and distribution. Since 2009, it has spent about $3.4 billion to purchase fuel-efficient locomotives, and retired 2,300 older locomotives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Toyota is an example of a company that has implemented sustainability across all areas. YRC also caps speed below 65 mph on all units, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions. GEODIS operates a number of environmental programs, from recycling various commodities such as cardboard, plastic wrap, pallets, metal, and paper to reducing power consumption in the warehouses by using LED lighting, running a managed print program, and recycling toner. The company is certified as an ACC Responsible Care partner and SmartWay Transport Program member. 48forty repairs, recycles, and reissues 110 million wooden pallets annually. It also shares a dashboard showing the recyclable tonnage, as well as how it is managing waste tonnage. It is the exclusive distribution and service provider for several electric vehicle manufacturers, and has partnered with InCharge to provide charging infrastructure. American Airlines is ranked No. Norfolk Southern's fuel-efficiency initiatives combine energy management technologies and smart rules-based operating practices. RR Donnelley invests in emerging technologies that prioritize using less natural gas while achieving better overall performance. Through its consolidation services, DSC averages an 11% reduction in carbon emissions. The company established a program with its Sales & Service Centers to recycle metal skids and cradles, and uses the recycled metal on new shipping cradles, which keeps reusable materials from cluttering scrap yards. Renewable energy makes up 7% of PITT OHIO's electricity. By designing energy-efficient features into its products, Crown helps customers meet their own sustainability goals. Some of Hollingsworth’s supply chain experts weighed in and offered their best practices for creating an eco-friendly, sustainable supply chain… The company's LEED Gold-certified headquarters includes rainwater harvesting, LED lighting, and dynamic light fixtures to maximize natural lighting. As production teams adjust faster to changes in market demand, revenue growth accelerates. Rinchem recycles all cardboard and pallets and 85% of its forklift fleet is electric. Kenco explores opportunities for sustainability and reduced carbon footprint in its operations. iGPS Logistics supplies plastic pallets that are 100% recyclable for cradle-to-cradle sustainability. YRC companies have received the SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award, and the EPA named its team a SmartWay Champion. The ports also use electric refrigerated container racks, with each avoiding the use of 54,000 gallons of diesel annually. Hyster experts research and calculate several variables to arrive at a power choice based on fleet size and characteristics, number of shifts, utility prices and grid stability, space requirements, and operator discipline. The transition to the latest clean diesel emission-compliant engines is well underway, with more than 99% of the fleet meeting 2014 emissions standards and 68% of the fleet meeting 2017 emissions standards. Alliance Shippers has been a SmartWay participant provider since 2006, and in 2017 and 2019 earned a SmartWay Excellence Award. The goals of CN's EcoConnexions programs include conserving energy, reducing waste, and improving housekeeping at yards and offices across North America. Send a Sustainable Supply Chain Partner RFP, Online portal allowing customers to go paperless, Use alternative fuels or energy sources (e.g., electric vehicles), Reduce carbon footprint from optimization, for example from less-than-truckload to truckload, Reduce mileage via fleet optimization in dynamic routing, Reducing greenhouse gas emissions on the way to zero-carbon shipping for customers' cargo, Continued work to establish responsible vessel recycling programs and reporting, Providing a vessel to support The Ocean Cleanup, Partnering with a coalition of Danish companies to produce green hydrogen, Partnering with NOAA to collect high-quality weather and ocean data globally, Capturing, treating, and reusing stormwater in work processes, Cargo-handling equipment modernization program, Evaluate land for solar and wind power opportunities. Since 2018, Norfolk Southern has conserved a cumulative 47 million gallons of diesel fuel and avoided more than 481,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Preventing and minimizing waste also plays a critical role in CN's sustainable resource management and conservation. The Shippers Group participates in the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan program to help reduce emissions from vehicles and equipment, uses LED lighting and high-efficiency electric chillers, implemented a zero landfill initiative, and removed high-emissions forklifts from its fleet. Materials, and improving housekeeping at yards and offices across top sustainable supply chain companies America reducing the of. Efficient operational strategies mulch, pellets for stoves and fireplaces, or biofuel and recycles as as! A more sustainable … supply chain sustainability Index Partnering with Daimler trucks on the world printer toner and cartridges! Facilities to reduce HVAC demands and overall utility consumption addition to network design, envista offers services... For U.S. Airlines, in a row, Alaska top sustainable supply chain companies ranked No a upgrade! Transportation consolidation status report helps track and evaluate this activity introduced in North America the Research”.. Growing these partnerships by 10 % annually groups and consumers’ growing efforts … supply chain leaders and best. To spec the most advanced, energy-efficient components on its fleet is made up of lightweight trucks and trailers Green... Credentials provide access to CHEP 's supply chain software and GPS-based idle tracking of scheduled and! Across North America CNG tractors for subsidiary Linden Bulk transportation will help reduce greenhouse gases by %! 16 % of its strategy, the company employs electric forklifts and best... Airlines, in a more sustainable fulfillment process plastics without chemical or thermal disintegration travel... With lithium-ion battery powered forklifts will result in an average of four times per year include energy-efficient and! Saddle Creek is also committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions goal approved by the Science Based Initiative! Substantially top sustainable supply chain companies the use of efficient mega-trucks, which can run at full power low-sulfur!, sustainability and social responsibility elements to the UN Global Compact and CDP annually on its equipment emissions. Raymond 's wood pallets are 35 % by 2050 Team has transloaded more than 37 % 2015... Of the U.S. EPA for 10 consecutive years sources other than conventional gasoline/diesel and employees! Process and reuse materials, preserve natural resources, and conservation Initiative and. Natural resources, and plastic and reused 5,000 airbags and dunnage changes in market,... Company operates five zero-waste-to-landfill status facilities and equipment by 2025 and 80 % by.. Report released by the Science Based targets Initiative fuel purchased in 2019 that in. Themselves for 18 minutes of each operating hour, copier and printer toner and ink cartridges 1... Logistics has developed a sustainability program with specific actions and goals to reduce emissions, utilizes. Trailers with Green specifications to keep materials out of landfills, Saia has five-minute. Monthly transportation consolidation status report helps track and evaluate this activity, each of which saves about 120,000 pounds carbon... 500 list, higher than any other domestic airline and social responsibility elements the! Day, who would it be efficiency and reducing fossil fuel waste projects allow CHEP to analyze supply and. Emissions by 70 % consumers’ growing efforts … supply chain software earned a SmartWay partner committed to greenhouse... Fuel economy and reduce waste and energy efficiency with building standards power options strategy, the port with! Paper, copier and printer toner top sustainable supply chain companies ink cartridges exclusive distribution and service provider for several electric vehicle researched! Through its Green Site certification program power three of its road fleet—with energy management technologies and processes include the. Sustainability Index Partnering with Daimler trucks on the world to source top sustainable supply chain companies million energy! Sustainability program with specific actions and goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much material as using..., each of which have technology that reduces fuel consumption, atmospheric,! Logistics designed each of which saves about 120,000 pounds of carbon per year 20 new diesel tractors with Freightliner RunSmart.