[ The ING Forms Of The Verbs ] [ Negative Sentences ] Present Continuous Tense indicate an action which is in progress at the time of speaking or at the present time. This page explains the rules. (short answer) more examples of present continuous. Read the sentence and choose the correct negative form. Detail. Continuous and Non-continuous Verbs, Present Like the Simple Present Tense, Present Continuous Tense can also be classified into three different types of sentences i.e. To make negative statements in Present Simple, we use: do not (don’t) / does not (doesn’t) + the base form of the verb (infinitive without ‘to’). A revision of the present continuous tense (present progressive), beginning with the gerund form, then the revision of to be and exercise... 729 Downloads Negative Present Continuous My son makes his bed. Negative Form of Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense.